Thursday, February 19, 2009


Start time: 20:30
Place: Palazzo Pisani Moretta
Organizer: C.C.I.
Resplendent in historical costume, our guests will attend the official Ball of the Venice Carnival. Enter in the magic world of the Venetian 18th Century. In the candle-lit setting of palazzo Pisani-Moretta, overlooking the Canal Grande and frescoed by Giovanbattista Tiepolo, mimes, magicians and acrobats will perform while you enjoy your cocktails and the superb Dinner. Two orchestras will play to accompany your dances ‘till early morning. Dress Code: historical costume.
Partecipation costs: Euro 450

The choice

Start time: 20:30
Place: Palazzo Albrizzi, Cannaregio 4118
Organizer: Associatio Pro Ludo
Two Ladies will be the protagonists of the 2009 Associatio Pro Ludo Carnival Ball.
The first is Countess Giustina Renier Michiel, grandchild of the penultimate Doge and niece of the last, and kin to the most important noble Venetian families.
The second is Countess Cecilia Monti d’Arnaud, kin to the Savoia family and married to a French general.
Giustina was a writer, and wrote the most important book about Venetian history and traditions.
Cecilia was the first activist in conspiracy against the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Italy.
What is more important for Venetian history, the bravery of Cecilia or the culture of Giustina?
We are called to decide, in Giustina’s palace, at dinner with her friends coming from all over the world!
Partecipation costs: Euro 290

La Dolce Vita, Gran Ball of Giustina Renier Michiel, Gala Dinner & Entertainment

Start time: 21:00
Place: Papafava Palace, reachable by its water door and by Calle Racchetta, 3764 Canareggio, vaporetto n° 1 Ca’ D’Oro station stop
Organizer: Incentive Harmony di Nicolas & Jeanne-Bénédicte Arnita
The Ball will be located in the authentic Venice, in a 14th century Palace, Palazzo Pesaro Papafava, with its precious gothic facade & its elegant quadriform gothic windows overlooking the canal of the Misericordia. The palace will be illuminated entirely with candlelights to create a memorable atmosphere.

Giustina Renier, the last noblewoman of the XVIIIth century, is the grandchild of the last Doge of Venice. She pubblished a very famous book reguarding “The Origin of Venetian Feasts”. Her famous great Venetian cultural salon, located at Corte Contarina, was visited by Foscolo, Canova, Pindemonte, Madame De Stael, Cesarotti, Rossini, Lord Byron, Cesare Cantù, and soon became a place of lively cultural meetings.
She will be the host of this Gran Ball.

21.00 Elegant cocktail Quartetto Barocco and Soprano
21.45 Seated Gala Dinner wines included
23.00 Spectacle of Baroque Dance
Midnight: modern music and dance (Paying Open Bar)
Dress Code: costume and mask
Cost: 215 € per person

Do not hesitate to consult us for the rent of costumes
Our Atelier will be under your disposal for costumes, masks and accessories.

The Palace is reachable by 5 minutes walk from Ca D’Oro vaporetto stop: Calle Racchetta, Cannaregio 3764. Reachable also by its water door (in front of the Church of the Misericordia).

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Partecipation costs: Euro 215