[Image of Colombina]In the commedia dell’arte, a malicious yet charming servant-girl, a comical character not always a mirror of virtue like her eternal suitor Harlequin, Colombine is likeable on account of her coquetry and feminine shrewdness.

She is also known not only as Colombine but also as Arlecchina, Corallina, Ricciolina, Camilla and Lisetta and later becoming the elegant Marionette in Carlo Goldoni’s "Crafty Widow".

The costume is simple, similar to Harlequin’s with numerous multicolored patches.

She wears a white cap, the same color as her apron.

Sometimes, she looks like a servant girl from the 18th century and is rarely seen wearing a mask. Colombine speaks Tuscan dialect but , like her lover, doesn’t disdain other dialects.