Campo San Rocco (St. Rocco Square)

[historic image of Campo San Rocco]The Building of the Church of San Rocco was started in 1489 and finished in 1508 according to the design of "Mastro Buono" and was formally consecrated by Alerio, Bishop of Chisamo. In 1725, through the work of Scalfarotto, it was almost completely rebuilt as the church was threatening to crumble and fall. Scalfarotto ordered that the three upper domes originally built by Buono be preserved.

The facade should have been built according to the model of Giorgio Fossati, but actually followed that of Bernardino Maccaruzzi from 1765 to 1771. The Venetian Republic decreed that the day of San Rocco be a public holiday since they thought it had somehow contributed in driving away the Plague that afflicted Venice from 1575-1576.

It was decreed that on that day the Doge should visit the church to pay homage to the Saint accompanied by the Seignory, the Senate and the Diplomatic Council. The main duties of the brotherhood were to welcome visitors whilst the "Guardian Grande" presented the Doge with a bunch of flowers and sat down next to him. Flower tributes were also made to the Seignory and the Ambassadors and their retinues.

Furthermore, this was the only formal occasion when the chaplain of the Brotherhood had the opportunity to celebrate Mass in the presence of the chaplain of the Doge.