Bharti Kher

"When I made some works over the years, I couldn’t hold the threads that linked it all together… and then one day, being optimistic, I thought the world was a positive place where all things co-existed chaotically and awkwardly as life marched on, and so it was ok to lose the threads sometimes. There is no fixed strategy really in my work. Perhaps we should see things better, look harder but a our own pace, at the things that make us peculiar. Our customs and our pasts when brought together create a third more complex relationship… the marriage of ideas with belief and with that comes the domesticity of faith and love. Every day, across a massive sub continent, women enact a spectacular ritual of conceptual clarity and brazen habit. To place the bindi, a metaphorical third eye, so that everyday you have the chance to see the world better, or understand a little more clearly or capture freshly with virgin eyes, the things we encounter. The divine and the domestic continue to walk together, opposing and supporting each other simultaneously… shamelessly and acceptingly… renounce and freedom is yours… don’t renounce and it’s ok, too, since there’s salvation."

Extract from Made by Indians, ed. Galerie Enrico Navarra, Paris, 2007