Gondola tour and dinner at Antico Pignolo Restaurant

20 February 2012



 Meeting point at San Marco – Calle Vallaresso h 7.00 pm (just in front the Harris Bar)

 An enchanting 30′ gondola tour in costume ending with a dinner in one of the best Venetian restaurant: the “Antico Pignolo” . A classical way to celebrate Carnival, spending an evening with friends and meeting new ones, in the lively atmosphere created by our artists.

Dress Code: historical costume. 
During the Carnival time you can find the Atelier Tiepolo with the most refine costumes and an impeccable service of tailoring and make-up,  in the Hotel Danieli.

To book and find more information about the party and the costumes, please visit  www.meetingeurope.com .

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